DieselsKing offers a **1-year warranty** from the original purchase date on all products we sell. This warranty encompasses all new replacement parts unless otherwise stated. If you encounter a warranty issue with any item purchased from DieselsKing, please contact our technical department by email at support@mybizstartups.com. Our experienced technicians will help identify the issue with your part and process your claim.

Most warranty parts are required to be returned to DieselsKing for warranty evaluation. If required, our warranty technician will provide you with prepaid shipping and instruct you on how to return your product. Upon return and completion of the evaluation, parts found covered by warranty will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of DieselsKing.

The DieselsKing warranty is for defects in workmanship or components only. The warranty does not cover normal wear on any item. DieselsKing’s warranty does not cover labor to install, remove, or inspect any product. Furthermore, the DieselsKing warranty does not include coverage of rental replacements, downtime, damage to machinery, production loss, or collateral damage that could be incurred from a failed part or poor workmanship.

Please note, any tampering or disassembly of components will void the warranty.

Keep in mind, any new products that experience issues within the 1-year warranty period will be sent back to the original manufacturer for the warranty evaluation. This warranty evaluation process through the original manufacturer can take an extended amount of time.

We at DieselsKing are committed to providing you with the best quality products and services. Your satisfaction is our top priority.